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KF94 Dust Mask

KF94 Dust Mask

*Please read all the instructions and warnings below before purchase*


- Attached image is for assistance only. The actual package is in the Korean language.

- Produced in Korea and imported directly.

- Contains 1 KF94 Dust Mask per pack.


- Colour: White / Size: Free Size

- Triple filtered / Tri-fold design / Expandable / Comfortable earband design / Filters micro substances


*How to wear*


1) Open wings on top and bottom

2) Wear it using ear-band and adjust to cover nose and mouth

3) Opened wings should be closely attached to nose and chin and cover.

4) Press the band on top wing park so that mask is more closely attached to the nose.


*Precautions during usage*


- Do not use with things such as tissue or towels to cover the nose together

- Do not use the mask if the mask is contaminated

- Do not wash the mask for re-use.

- Do not squeeze or  misshape the mask when used

- Do not use in the place where the concentration of oxygen is less than 18%

- If you are pregnant, child, cardiovascular patient, elderly or etc and experiencing breathing difficulties when using the mask stop using it immediately and seek medical help.


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    £1.80Sale Price


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